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make money now & rent your RV

We get dozens of calls and emails per day from families and couples looking to spend their time and vacation a little differently by renting an RV and motorhome. Renting an RV is the perfect way to go. You don't need to worry about hotel rooms or being crammed up in a car while driving.
RVs rent from $80 - $400 per night depending on the type of unit. You get 50% of the nightly rentals! If you own a newer 30 foot Class C, with or without a slide, that could potentially rent for $275+ per night! That's $137 in your pocket per night for doing absolutely nothing! What if you own a Diesel Pusher, a luxurious 45 foot bus? That could easily rent for $350-$500 per night leaving you, the RV owner with $175 - $250 per night in your wallet! All you have to do is allow it to be rented when you aren't using it!.

you can manage it too

This is a great alternative if you are concerned about someone else handling and caring for your RV! We completely understand the worries that come with renting. So, we will list your RV or Motorhome for free on our website. As it rents, we only take 10% of the nightly rental. You keep 90% and any additional fees or options you charge to the customer. You are in charge of pricing, availability, photos, etc. We supply the legal forms, credit card processing, and security checks. We will handle all of the administration and reservations. But most importantly, people will find you much easier through web searches!

peace of mind

Each RV is carefully inspected before going out and upon returning. There are several legal documents that every renter must sign before they are able to use the RV. The renter pays a "Damage Deposit" that covers the insurance deductible and or if any minor damages are incurred. In fact, our Damage Deposit is typically higher than any other company. We encourage you to take a look at the RV rental's legal documents. There is a strict no smoking policy and pets are on a case by case basis!

testimonies from our owners

We’ve worked with Philip at Hightened Path RV for over three years and have nothing but great things to say! From Day One, Philip has done everything he said he would with our RV and more. Thanks to Philip, we were able to pay off our RV loan over five years ahead of schedule! All this while still being able to use our RV whenever we wanted to. Philip took care of everything: renting our unit, taking care of all maintenance, paying us monthly, and providing a yearly rental and payment summary which made our taxes so much easier. If you’re considering renting out your RV when you aren’t using it, Hightened Path is your best bet! We couldn’t be happier! ~ The Cooks

How much money will my RV earn for me?

Over the year you have the potential to earn $2,500 - $25,000. It all varies based on your particular RV. The owner and HPRV split the nightly rate at 50%.

  • Class C’s start at $225/night up to $350/night. You get 50% of this.
  • Class A’s start at $250/night up to $400/night (Class A’s are a little harder to rent, if we see it’s not renting, we can negotiate the price with the customer). You get 50% of this.
  • Trailers start at $125/night up to $300/night. You get 50% of this.
  • Popups start at $90/night up to $150/night. You get 50% of this.

When will my RV be rented out?

We only have three seasons: summer, fall, and winter.

  • Summer: 20+ nights average each summer month (June, July, and August), this is 60 out of 90 nights the RV will be rented. Most times it will be rented more.
  • Fall: 10 nights average in Sept (it really depends on the weather), take $30 off the summer price per night.
  • Winter: 10 nights average October – April (we send our fleet down to Arizona during the winter months to keep the rentals moving, this is completely optional). The cost drops another $20~$40/night.
    May starts picking back up again at the same winter rates. The RV might be rented in Arizona or Colorado during this month, it depends on the weather.


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