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Hightened Path RV started as a small company with just one personal RV. Over time the company grew with all types of RV rentals. Excellent customer service has been our driving force from the beginning. We absolutely love our customers and go over and above to assist in making their RV rental trip memorable. Are we perfect, certainly not! RV's can be temperamental and things can happen out of anyone's control. But we will always do our best to take care of our customers.

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Nothing really; you just need to know where you want to spend your vacation in it! Below you will find all sorts of questions that have been asked with answers explaining everything you would need to know about renting an RV or motorhome. If you decide to use another RV rental company, these questions are all very important to have answers to before you ever pickup the RV.
Yes! The RV is always cleaned and ready to go for your rental.
No. We have had too many problems in the past with them and due to the costs associated, we do not allow them to be used. So sorry!
Yes! A representative will assist you in driving around the parking lot and around the block until you feel comfortable handling the RV. They will go over all of the common concerns experienced while driving a motorhome or RV.
Not necessarily, but it is always a good idea to stay somewhere with ‘full hook-ups.’ This will include electricity, water and sewer. TV and internet is completely optional. Having full hook-ups will limit your use on the generator to power your RV rental.
If your location has no hook-ups, then you can run the generator, use the propane and use water from the fresh water reservoir. There is a fee to run the generator (see RV description for details), but this is not recommended. You can easily run out of these necessities depending on the length of your trip. If you are able, it is always best to find a location with ‘hook-ups.’

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