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Make Money Now & rent your rv

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There are so many people looking to rent an rv and motorhome. We get half a dozen calls and emails per day with people that want to rent. There is no shortage of families and couples looking to spend their time and vacation a little differently. Renting an RV is the perfect way to go. You don't need to worry about hotel rooms or being crammed up in a car while driving. RV's rent from $80 - $400 per night depending on the type of unit. You get 50% of all nightly rentals! If you own a newer 30 foot Class C, with or without a slide, that could potentially rent for $125 per night! That's $62.50 in your pocket per night for doing absolutely nothing! What if you own a Diesel Pusher, a luxurious 45 foot bus? That could easily rent for $400-$500 per night leaving you, the rv owner with $200 - $250 per night in your wallet! All you have to do is allow it to be rented when you aren't using it!

You can manage it too

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This is a great alternative is you are concerned about someone else handling and caring for your rv! We completely understand the worries that come with renting. So, we will list your RV or Motorhome for free on our website. As it rents, we only take 10% of the nightly rental. You keep 90% and any additional fees or options you charge to the customer. You are in charge of pricing, availability, photos, etc. We supply the legal forms, credit card processing, and security checks. We will handle all of the administration and reservations. But most importantly, people will find you much easier through web searches!

Storage options

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We can provide storage and insurance options based on your needs. Many times we can leave the RV or Motorhome exactly where it is. This helps us get more phone calls and rentals for your unit by posting a banner on it. During rentals, hightened path will come and pick up the unit and bring it to the location for pickup. Then it is cleaned and prepped for rental. You don't have to do a thing!

Peace of Mind

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Each RV is carefully inspected before going out and upon returning. There are several legal documents that every renter must sign before they are able to use the RV. The renter pays a "Damage Deposit" that covers the insurance deductible and or if any minor damages are incurred. We encourage you to take a look at the RV rental's legal documents. There is a strict no smoking and no pets policy! The renters pay for everything!

RV Rental Insurance

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What about RV rental insurance? No matter what, the RV will be covered during rentals through MBA’s renter’s insurance. There are deductibles attached to each policy which range from $1000 - $2500. The renter pays this "damage deposit" before renting the RV. In most cases you still need to provide personal insurance, which hightened path actually recommends. If you're not sure who MBA is, read more about them in this RV rental insurance article...
MBA specializes in Motorhome & RV Rental Insurance Since 1978. They are an "A" rated insurance company and have over 1,500 rental dealers insured nationwide!
MBA offers Complete Motorhome and Trailer Rental Insurance Programs.
Three Insurance Options :
• Primary
• Secondary
This flexibility continues to keep MBA Insurance number one in the RV Rental Industry.
The Features Include:
• S 1 ,000,000 Liability Coverage
• Comprehensive
• Collision
• Conversion
• Uninsured Motorist
• Medical Payments or PIP
• Monthly Premium Payments
• Master Fleet Policy
• No Minimum Fleet Size
• Supplemental Liability Insurance - SLI
All in all, MBA is the company to use for RV & Motorhome Rental Insurance.

legal documentation

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No one enjoys legal documentation or long legal contracts. But due to the society we live in, you have to use them. So here is a list of of all the legal documentation and contracts that Hightened Path uses when a renter desires to rent an rv.

The legal documents that Hightened Path uses for a renter is as follows:

  • Sales Quote - Simple excel form to show an accurate rv rental quote.
  • Rental Agreement - Legal binding contract between the two parties.
  • General Rental Documents - An add on to to the rental agreement.
  • Insurance Binder - Standard verbiage that the renter’s insurance company must provide coverage for the duration of the rental.
  • Security Damage Authorization Form - This form is used to gather the damage deposit from the rv renters credit card.
  • Pet / Smoking Policy – No smoking and no pets allowed.
  • Check In / Out Forms - This is used to cover a variety of areas. It shows the number of drivers and all of their insurance and drivers license info. It shows the current odometer, fuel, propane, and water levels. Plus the most important information is the walk through to look for any damages or irregularities. Mentions that minor damage to the RV will result in forfeiture of deposit monies.
  • Release of Liability - This is used when a renter leaves their vehicle at our storage location.
  • Motorhome Driving Safety - Recommendations and tips on how to properly drive an RV.
  • Suggested Take Along List - A list of equipment a renter may want to take along on the trip that may not already be included.

The legal documents that Hightened Path uses for the owner and their RV is as follows:

  • RV Owner Rental Agreement - Legal binding contract between the owner and Hightened Path.
  • 36 Point inspection - When the RV comes into our fleet to be a rental, we must do an inspection on the entire RV. Every six months we go through this list to ensure things are in good working order.
  • Preparation Checklist - This is used by our team everytime an RV comes back from a rental.
  • Seasonal Inspection - This is used at the end of each season to keep the rv rental in good shape.
  • RV Vehicle Maintenance Log - Any time mechanical work is performed on the rental RV.
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